BEAR Yoyos Campaign: 'Around the World with BEAR'


 Around the world with BEAR’ was the first big BEAR Yoyos campaign. With a geography theme it aimed to teach kids about different countries, habitats, cultures, events and animals in our world. Eighty mini postcards were created, one for each stop on his journey. Each card is an insight into a different country with fun illustration, lighthearted copy and factual information. If consumers collected 10 cards they could send off for a free world map and flag stickers to track their adventure around the world.


No matter where kids are - the school playground, in the car, at home - it is useful to have something to store their card collection in, so I created six mini travel suitcases (simple boxes), which we gave away inside Yoyo mulitipacks.

This set of cards has since been translated into the French, Dutch, German, Scandinavian, Canadian, Australian, Irish and US markets as BEAR expands internationally, meaning even more children around the world can join BEAR's adventure.​

Concept development / Design / Illustration 

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