BEAR Yoyos Campaign: 'BEAR's Time Travel Adventure'


Taking a history theme, ‘BEAR’s Time Travel adventure’ was created. I researched, designed and illustrated 100 cards for kids to collect, each a famous moment in time. BEAR took on the role of ‘Captain BEAR’ in his Time Cave and the aim was to get kids excited and engaged with history in a fun yet educational way.

To make it easier to understand and group the famous historical figures, 4 different ‘time teams’ were created to split each historical stop into - royalty, explorers, brains and those who did right or wrong. The cards give an insight into what life would’ve been like at that moment in time. The use of cogs and pipes give essence of a time machine and we featured lots of content such as 'talk to the time’ - how they spoke; ‘tourist tip’ - a fact about that time, ‘top invention of the time’ and a ‘time-o-meter’ which shows kids how fun or dangerous that moment in time was. 

Concept / Design & Illustration


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