Marleybones: Sustainable Dog Dining


Marleybones is healthy, delicious, locally-sourced dining for dogs. Their vision is to create a better world by providing a solution where unique blockchain traceability proves that every part of the supply chain is better for your dog and our planet. Made from the freshest and finest ingredients all meals are gently steam cooked and contain 60% single-sourced protein, fresh vegetables and a bundle of superfoods. No nasties, no mystery fillers – only the best for our four-legged best friends. 


We created a branding and packaging design concept that is based on this strong profile, reflecting the charming yet gutsy character of Marleybones. A fresh and bold colour palette creates a striking framework for the visual expression of the brand. 


By using the blockchain technology to track all ingredients from bowl to farm, Marleybones is honest and transparent in everything they do. Photography and stylings are simple and express the no-fuss approach. Bold colours and crisp lighting make for a happy and fun visual universe.


Eventually, as its open, amicable and ballsy personality is a substantial part of Marleybones’ brand identity, we created a set of bold statements. With a twinkle in the eye they make for a fun and playful brand communication.

Art Direction: Brini Fetz hej studio
Lead Graphic Design & Copywriting: Victoria Hemphill
Graphic Design: Nanna Kopp
Photography: Morten Bentzon

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