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Læsk Kombucha

Step into Læsk’s world. But, proceed with caution. One sip and you’re sucked into the Sacred Society where you will find enlightenment and cherished kombucha. Danish drinks brand Læsk is all about real kombucha, loved by their loyal following. To embody this loyalty we created an extensive brand universe to reflect the feeling of devotion in the form of a unique and quirky cult. 


A divine world full of soft lighting, beautiful props and decorative graphics allows customers to know they’ve stepped into the Sacred Society. Læsk’s Cult Commandments are embodied by the devoted followers and with every webshop order they climb further up the ranks, from Booch Master to Læsk Overlord. All cults need great leaders, enticing values and of course, great kombucha. Læsk has mastered all three. 

brand world creation / graphic design / copywriting / creative direction

photography: morten bentzon

lead stylist: brini fetz, hej studio

original can design: everland agency

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