hi. A warm welcome to Bun studio, where creative ideas and words are cooked up into delicious design and beautiful brands.

who we are.

Bun is a playful creative studio focused on building and breathing new life into brands. Led by Londoners and based in Copenhagen, Bun was founded by Victoria Hemphill, an English graphic designer with over twelve years experience in the FMCG world. Bun injects pockets of colour, magic and goodness within the competitor brand world, straight into consumer's hearts.

what we do.

brand creation


brand worlds



Victoria Hemphill

Founder and powerhouse of the studio, playfully producing endless refreshing ideas and designGuaranteed to be found chuckling over a pun and working away with a glint in her eye.


Alexandra Bailie

Your first port of call. With her signature dry sense of humour, constant cups of tea and if you're lucky, cackle of a laugh, she will sort any social and client management.


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